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Best Scuba Diving Vacations

Scuba diving is a relatively expensive but highly rewarding vacation activity. Central and South America have some of the best scuba diving opportunities in the world, including the second largest barrier reef in the world in Belize, and scuba diving vacations with fearless wildlife in the Galapagos Islands, to name a couple of options…..

Most Beautiful Islands

Islands are perfect for a romantic, get away from it all type vacation. On the whole, South America’s islands are a far cry away from the crowded resorts of the Mediterranean and Caribbean proper. Many are very undeveloped, and great for Robinson Crusoe like relaxing vacations.

Whale Watching Trips

Anyone that has seen a whale in it’s natural environment knows that it is one of the most amazing travel experiences possible. South America has a huge coastline, and lots of whale watching potential. If one is in the right place at the right time, you’re almost guaranteed to see whales. Whale watching […]

Most Magical Aztec, Inca and Mayan Ruins

South and Central America have some fantastic Aztec, Inca and Mayan ruins. One really can feel the history when exploring these ruins. Generally speaking, these ancient cultures peaked before the Spanish conquistadores arrived. The meanings of many of the remnants of these ancient ruins remain a mystery. Where is the most magical?

Wildlife holidays: where’s best?

(Almost) everyone loves animals, and South / Latin America offers some excellent wildlife viewing opportunities. There’s great variety on offer - the Galapagos Islands, Antarctica, Brazil and Guyana offer the best options for wildlife holidays in South America……

Best Beaches in South America

One thing I´ve noticed on my travels throughout South America is the near complete lack of decent beaches along the entire western coastline. However, the eastern side of the continent is absolutely crammed with stunning beaches, from the Yucatan / Maya Riveria in Mexico all the way to Florianopolis in southern Brazil. Which are […]

Latin America: Hottest Women in the World?

Latin America is, in part, famous for stunning women such as J Lo (Puerta Rican parents), Shakira (Colombia), Gisele (Brazil) and Salma Hayek (Mexico). Venezuela has won more Miss World competitions than any other country, and with good reason. The local men, on the other hand, are often smarmy, macho and pretty unattractive. […]

Best Trekking in Latin America

Trekking Holidays in Latin America - where is best? Where’s the most dramatic scenery for trekking? What are the most memorable treks?

Best Hotels in South America

Which are the best luxury hotels in South America? Any judgement is of course subjective, but my list would be as follows…..