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Malaria Free Rainforest Destinations

Do all rainforest regions of Latin America have malaria?  Which regions of rainforest can be visited that don’t have malaria?  These questions are particularly relevant to: pregnant women (can’t take malaria pills, except apparently mefloquine, which may or may not be effective in any one malaria region);  people travelling with infants or very young children (if you’re […]

Weirdest Hotels in Latin America

Planes, floating pyramids, tree-top towers, salt and prison hotels - here’s a selection of the weirdest hotels in Latin America.

Travelling by Train

Train travel is often a mode of travel ignored by visitors to Latin America, who normally get about by bus or plane.  This is a shame - there’s plenty of useful train routes, and it’s often a comfortable and exciting way to travel overland.  Plus, you don’t have to put your life in the hands […]

Dark Tourism

Dark tourism is a type of tourism involving travelling to places usually associated with death, grief or suffering.  Here’s some scary suggestions for dark travellers to Central and South America.  Your Gran just wouldn’t understand…

Prison Islands & Prison Tours

It’s always a pretty raw, fascinating experience to witness places were people have been or are locked up in prison. I guess I’m getting into the promotion of “dark tourism” here, but there really are some amazing prison tours that can be taken in Central and South America - and a lot of travellers really […]

Retracing the Bond Films in Latin America

Much of the latest James Bond film (Quantum of Solace) was shot in Latin America (in Chile, Panama and Mexico - though much of the film was apparently set in Bolivia).   There’s plenty of other great Bond moments from other Latin American countries too…

La Paz (& the Gringo Trail), Bolivia

“Chelsea, oh my God, so fab to hear from you!” the English girl screamed into her mobile, disturbing the peace in La Paz’s Coca leaf museum. An hour later I overhead a conversation in a cafe held amongst some newly met English gap year students “yeah, well we were in Peru for 2 weeks, we […]

Salar de Uyuni & Volcanoes of South West Bolivia

Trips to the Salar de Uyuni (the worlds highest, and largest, salt plain / lake) are an absolute must on any vacation to Bolivia. You can either take day trips from nearby Uyuni to visit the Salt flats, but it’s really worth going on a more extended package that includes the amazing volcanoes, multi coloured […]

Tupiza, Bolivia - Butch & Sundance Kid Territory

Tupiza is a cool little town in Southern Bolivia, not far from the border with Argentina. It’s very much on the “gringo trail”, and is used as a base for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid tours, as well as being a start point for trips to the truely amazing Salar de Uyuni.

I’m planning another trip

Being a travel guide writer really sucks as you have to travel so much (I’m kidding). I’m planning another trip (Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador over 2 months) - here’s the details for anyone interested. Of course I’ll be writing about everywhere I visit upon my return.