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Morro Branco & Praia das Fontes, Brazil

Travel guide and tips on Morro Branco and Praia das Fontes beach resorts in North Brazil - is it worth a visit? Or a stop off? 

Jericoacoara, Brazil: Boutique Pousadas

Practical travel advice on visiting Jericoacoara, one of Brazil’s most unique beach destinations. Where to stay, what to do, and how to travel there. 

Mundau & Flexeiras - Brazil

Tips, advice and a travel guide to exploring the region of Mundau and Flexeiras on Brazil’s Northern coast a little West of Fortaleza.

I’m planning another trip

Being a travel guide writer really sucks as you have to travel so much (I’m kidding). I’m planning another trip (Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador over 2 months) - here’s the details for anyone interested. Of course I’ll be writing about everywhere I visit upon my return.

Football: Fans, Tickets & Where to Watch It

South Americans are passionate about their football - a lot more passionate than Europeans I believe. Working as a travel consultant, a lot of clients have asked me to book football tickets for them, or asked where was best to watch a footie match in a particular country. Here’s some advice on football in South […]

Best Luxury Family Vacation Ideas

Bored of culture-less package beach vacations to the Caribbean, Spain and a host of other countries, as travelling evolves, families are increasingly looking for more adventurous, interesting fun-filled holidays. South America has numerous destinations perfect for family vacations - here’s some of the best ideas…..

Brazil: 2008 Rio Carnival

Saturday 2 February 2008 and it’s the start of the infamous carnival in Brazil. Over half a million tourists are visiting to experience Brazil’s carnival, and the biggest party is at Rio de Janeiro. The Rio Carnival is a four day non-stop marathon party where no act is unheard of. It’s the worlds biggest […]

Tam Brazil Airpass

Brazil’s national airline Tam offers two airpasses, which allows international travellers discounted domestic flights within Brazil. They’re known as the Tam Brazil Airpass and the Tam South America Airpass, they’re both really good value, but there’s no genuinely useful information about these airpasses online, and having booked it for numerous clients, I though I’d share […]

Most Beautiful Landscapes

Large parts of Latin America are truely stunning, and the landscapes are some of the most beautiful on earth.  Places such as Chile’s Torres Del Paine National Park are excellent for trekking, while others, such as Bolivia’s Uyuni salt flats and Brazil’s Lencois Marahenses are some suitable for simply marvelling at.

Trendy Resorts: Where Celebrities Holiday

Where do the rich, famous, wannabee famous and celebrities visit in Latin america? On the whole, celebrities are an invariably fickle bunch. It´s not culture that they seek, but rather beaches, nightlife, glamourous photo opportunities and the ability to say “I was in X trendy place last weekend” when they get interviewed […]