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Most Beautiful Landscapes

Large parts of Latin America are truely stunning, and the landscapes are some of the most beautiful on earth.  Places such as Chile’s Torres Del Paine National Park are excellent for trekking, while others, such as Bolivia’s Uyuni salt flats and Brazil’s Lencois Marahenses are some suitable for simply marvelling at.

Fishing Vacations

Central and South america offer great potential for fishing vacations. Much of the continent is especially remote and undisturbed, and as such rivers and lakes are often teeming with fish. There´s plenty of options for deep sea fishing in addition to freshwater river and lake fishing.

When You Want a Beach Vacation, But There Are No Beaches Nearby

Further to my previous post, the best beaches in South America, certain countries in South America don´t have any decent beaches. When I worked as a Latin America specialist travel consultant, I was often asked advice on where was logical to visit for a beach wind down in conjunction with vacations to countries such as […]

Best Trekking in Latin America

Trekking Holidays in Latin America - where is best? Where’s the most dramatic scenery for trekking? What are the most memorable treks?

Best Hotels in South America

Which are the best luxury hotels in South America? Any judgement is of course subjective, but my list would be as follows…..