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Luxury Hotels in Colonial Cartagena, Colombia

Colombia’s Cartagena is almost certainly South America’s most beautiful colonial city.  The old quarter is a charming and romantic place to explore, eat fine food and marvel at the stunning colonial architecture.  Following a recent visit to Cartagena where I scoped out various hotels, here follows some advice and reviews about luxury-end hotels in Cartagena.

Volunteer Work in the Colombian Caribbean

Details of an idyllic volunteer opportunity combining an island lifestyle with important conservation work.

Malaria Free Rainforest Destinations

Do all rainforest regions of Latin America have malaria?  Which regions of rainforest can be visited that don’t have malaria?  These questions are particularly relevant to: pregnant women (can’t take malaria pills, except apparently mefloquine, which may or may not be effective in any one malaria region);  people travelling with infants or very young children (if you’re […]

Colombia Flights News - Lufthansa Specials & Satena Bookable Online

There’s a couple of big pieces of developments this week about flights to Colombia - as an expat living there they are big news for both the travel industry and travellers to Colombia.

Avianca Colombia Airpass

Avianca, who are Colombia’s principal airline, offer two different airpasses - one for domestic flights throughout Colombia, and one for flights to various destinations in Central and South America as well as the Caribbean.  This article offers a complete guide to these two Avianca airpasses - how they work, and how to book them. 

Weirdest Hotels in Latin America

Planes, floating pyramids, tree-top towers, salt and prison hotels - here’s a selection of the weirdest hotels in Latin America.

Exploring Colombia’s Caribbean Coast

Many visitors to Colombia choose to spend a significant amout of their vacation exploring Colombia’s Caribbean coast.  Here I offer a brief guide and some personal advice about how best to visit Colombia’s wonderful Caribbean coastline.

Best Beaches & Islands To Get Away From It All

Following on from recent my recent post about the best beach party destinations, here’s some travel advice about the exact opposite type of beaches. What are the best beach destinations in Latin America to get away from it all, and feel very special at the same time? These amazingly beautiful beaches are almost completely empty […]

10 Best Beaches for People Watching & Partying

Reading your book with your sunglasses on, or are you really scoping/admiring the people frolicking in the sea in front of you? I suspect we’ve all done this at some stage. So where are the best beaches in South America for people watching? Where do all the trendy, beautiful Latin locals spend there beach holidays?  […]

Romantic Destinations - Best Places to Honeymoon

Here’s a selection of personal recommendations for the best places to honeymoon in Latin / South America.  I suggest various romantic islands and regions with wonderful, peaceful beaches, in addition to the top romantic cities and the best outdoor activity destinations in the region.  In this article I’ll focus on the best places to honeymoon, […]