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Most Beautiful Islands

Islands are perfect for a romantic, get away from it all type vacation. On the whole, South America’s islands are a far cry away from the crowded resorts of the Mediterranean and Caribbean proper. Many are very undeveloped, and great for Robinson Crusoe like relaxing vacations.

Beach & Culture Vacation Combinations

Beaches and culture are two of the principal reasons people choose to take a vacation in South America. A combination of beaches and culture generally has all the makings of a perfectly balanced vacation. They’re particularly suitable for family vacations. A very common question is: “I have two weeks in South America. […]

Colombia Safety: Kidnapping rates higher in Venezuela

I read an interesting article today about kidnapping rates in Colombia, which continue to fall. Up until this moment in 2007, in Colombia there have been 393 (mostly political) kidnappings while in Venezuela there have been 309 so far this year.

Best Beaches in South America

One thing I´ve noticed on my travels throughout South America is the near complete lack of decent beaches along the entire western coastline. However, the eastern side of the continent is absolutely crammed with stunning beaches, from the Yucatan / Maya Riveria in Mexico all the way to Florianopolis in southern Brazil. Which are […]

Latin America: Hottest Women in the World?

Latin America is, in part, famous for stunning women such as J Lo (Puerta Rican parents), Shakira (Colombia), Gisele (Brazil) and Salma Hayek (Mexico). Venezuela has won more Miss World competitions than any other country, and with good reason. The local men, on the other hand, are often smarmy, macho and pretty unattractive. […]

Best Trekking in Latin America

Trekking Holidays in Latin America - where is best? Where’s the most dramatic scenery for trekking? What are the most memorable treks?

Continental Airlines Frequent Flyer (Onepass) Review

I thought I’d rant about Continental Airlines’ Onepass frequent flyer program as it’s great.  I really had no idea it’s so good - I’m starting to understand some people’s obsession of only flying with their preferred frequent flyer program.