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Arenal Volcano (& La Fortuna) – Arenal Stopped Erupting!

This is the third of three recent trip reports following our visit to Costa Rica.

South from Manuel Antonio to Uvita and Sierpe, Costa Rica (Trip Report)

This is the second of 3 trip reports following our recent visit to Costa Rica.

Quepos & Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica (Trip Report)

This is the first of three trip reports following our recent visit to Costa Rica. 

Malaria Free Rainforest Destinations

Do all rainforest regions of Latin America have malaria?  Which regions of rainforest can be visited that don’t have malaria?  These questions are particularly relevant to: pregnant women (can’t take malaria pills, except apparently mefloquine, which may or may not be effective in any one malaria region);  people travelling with infants or very young children (if you’re […]

Tailor Made Holidays & Travel to South America at a Discount

This is a naugthy article of mine…. Having worked as a tailor made travel consultant for the UK’s top South America specialist tour operator, I know what goes into the making of a tailor made holiday.  Here I offer you a very easy method by which anyone can book budget or luxury tailor made holidays […]

40% off Marriot Hotels

Advice about how to go about getting 40% off Marriot Hotels in Mexico, Costa Rica and the Caribbean.

Weirdest Hotels in Latin America

Planes, floating pyramids, tree-top towers, salt and prison hotels - here’s a selection of the weirdest hotels in Latin America.

Best Places for Family Holidays with Older Teenagers

If you’ve a family with teenagers (or those slightly older) and are looking for some holiday ideas in Latin America, read on as here’s some of the best suggestions. I’ll assume the parents want a little culture, the kids want some nightlife, and you all appreciate fantastic beaches, and maybe a little adventure tourism.  Plus […]

Best Surfing Destinations

This is a guide to the best surfing destinations in Central and South America, covering Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil and Chile.

Spas & Yoga Retreats: Costa Rica & Mexico

Latin America is full of luxurious hotels but when it comes to spa hotels and yoga retreats, two destinations clearly stand out - Mexico and Costa Rica. In South America itself, there are very few genuine yoga retreats. For the ultimate relaxing vacation, here’s a few suggestions for those looking for a yoga retreat […]