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Community Ecotourism Project Development Guidelines

This is an extensive post advising how a rural community can undertake to develop a community ecotourism project from scratch, without any funding. I address issues such as the motivation of the local community, the pre-planning of a project, the development and marketing of a community ecotourism project and how Google Adsense can be used […]

Best Rainforest Tours

South America´s rainforest is, for many, a real vacation highlight. Most people associate South America´s rainforest with Brazil´s tropical Amazon rainforest, which is the largest expanse of rainforest in the continent. However, excellent rainforest tours are also possible in a range of other Latin American countries including Ecuador, Peru, Guyana, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica […]

Ecotourism and Sustainability

Does the development and expansion of tourism inevitably lead to damage to the environment? This post is written by guest blogger “Katie H”, and contains a few examples with regards to sustainable tourism in Latin America.

Wildlife holidays: where’s best?

(Almost) everyone loves animals, and South / Latin America offers some excellent wildlife viewing opportunities. There’s great variety on offer - the Galapagos Islands, Antarctica, Brazil and Guyana offer the best options for wildlife holidays in South America……

Why Ecotourism is Important

These days, everyone and anyone can label themselves or their tourism project / idea / tour operator as “Ecotourism”.  It’s usually a marketing ploy to attract more business - everyone feels good if they can consider themselves to be travelling responsibly.
When I ask people “what is ecotourism?” or “what’s the definition of ecotourism?” the responses […]