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Reasons Why Iberia are the most Complained about Airline operating to Latin America

Just back from dropping my wife off at Heathrow for an Iberia flight and as so often seems to happen with THAT DREADED AIRLINE, I am steaming with fury.  Why is it that Iberia are quite possibly the most complained about / awful airline operating to Latin America?

Avianca Colombia Airpass

Avianca, who are Colombia’s principal airline, offer two different airpasses - one for domestic flights throughout Colombia, and one for flights to various destinations in Central and South America as well as the Caribbean.  This article offers a complete guide to these two Avianca airpasses - how they work, and how to book them. 

Gol Brazil Airpasses

Recently, Gol launched an airpass that offers cheap internal flights in Brazil for international tourists. This guide explains how the Gol Airpasses work, and how to book them.

Filthy Cheap Flights to Colombia

Every now and then an airline makes a howler with their booking system and releases ridiculously cheap flights.  Right now, Air Comet has made such a howler. If you want really cheap flights to Colombia, book them right now…

About One Way Flights & Onward Tickets

If you’re a tourist, and have a one way flight ticket to Latin America, chances are you won’t even be allowed to board the flight. Better read this article first.

Choosing a Caribbean Island to combine with a Latin America Vacation

Having just added to the Caribbean section of the main travel guide, I’ll now include an article advising how to sensibly go about choosing a Caribbean island to combine with a vacation to Central or South American destination.

Flights from UK to Central America or South America for £350

I recently discovered a way to book seriously cheap flights from UK to Central American countries as well as Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela and Colombia. You can’t do this one online….

LAN South America Airpass

Lan offers what is known as a “Lan South America Airpass”. The airline Lan is based in the countries of Chile, Argentina, Peru and Ecuador. From those hubs, almost every country is covered by their network of flights. A Lan South America Airpass is, without doubt, one of the cheapest ways to fly within South […]

I’m planning another trip

Being a travel guide writer really sucks as you have to travel so much (I’m kidding). I’m planning another trip (Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador over 2 months) - here’s the details for anyone interested. Of course I’ll be writing about everywhere I visit upon my return.

Safety Records of Domestic Airlines

Yesterday a Santa Barbara Airlines domestic flight crashed en route from Merida to Caracas in Venezuela. It spurred me to do a little investigation into airline safety records of South American carriers. Here’s what I discovered.