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Cheapest Flights Advice

One question I regularly see asked on various South America travel forums is along the lines of “where is cheapest to fly to in South America?”. Here’s some suggestions and tips on finding the cheapest flights to South America.

Tam Brazil Airpass

Brazil’s national airline Tam offers two airpasses, which allows international travellers discounted domestic flights within Brazil. They’re known as the Tam Brazil Airpass and the Tam South America Airpass, they’re both really good value, but there’s no genuinely useful information about these airpasses online, and having booked it for numerous clients, I though I’d share […]

Blagging business class upgrades

Airlines regularly upgrade certain people from economy class to business class. How do you become one of those “certain people” and blag an upgrade that might usually cost over $1000?

Guide to Amadeus CRS Manipulation

This post is intended for use by travel agents who use the Amadeus Computer Reservation System to book flights.  The general public will not understand this post.  Travel agents can use these Amadeus tricks to book flights for much less than the airline wants you to.  Travel agents will undoubtedly earn $1000’s extras for their businesses using […]

South America Airpasses Flights Guide

South / Latin America is a huge continent, and flying certain routes is highly preferable to travelling by bus. Airpasses are a way of purchasing internal flights within South America and a discounted cost - they are only available to tourists and are often very good value……

Continental Airlines Frequent Flyer (Onepass) Review

I thought I’d rant about Continental Airlines’ Onepass frequent flyer program as it’s great.  I really had no idea it’s so good - I’m starting to understand some people’s obsession of only flying with their preferred frequent flyer program.

Book Argentina Domestic Flights For Less

This trick genuinely works - try it.  Further to my last post, the cheapest flights aren’t always booked online,  let’s take a look at internal flights within Argentina. Lan normally has the cheapest flights, but they don’t fly all routes so you might have to book with the dreaded Aerolineas Argentinas (they really are awful in terms […]

Cheapest Flights Aren’t Always Online

“The cheapest flights are always booked online” is a theme I push on the main site.  90% of the time this is true.  Maybe 10% of the time it couldn’t be further from the truth.  It all depends on the types of flights you’re looking for.  The real discounts aren’t found online.