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Belem to Manaus by Amazon River Boat

A personal account of the experience of taking the Amazon River boat from Belem to Manaus (Brazil). This is a chapter extract from the book Travelantics, by Adonis Stevenson.

Oktoberfest in Lima, Peru

Bavaria’s archetypal festival of Oktoberfest gets a Peruvian twist as this guide, guest written by Peru travel expert Simon Ross-Gill, explains.

Patagonia - A Journey to the World’s End, and Back Again

Patagonia. The name alone conjures images of explorers, windswept plains, craggy glaciers, and reflective lakes. Stretched across Chile and Argentina, the region offers a wealth of activities, sights, and accommodations for even the most discerning travelers. Here, some travel tips for enjoying a three-week trip through Patagaonia.

Peru Adventure Tours

This post has been guest written by Peru Adventure Tours, and offers various suggested itineraries for trekking, mountain biking, sandboarding and mountain climbing tours in Peru….