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Malaria Free Rainforest Destinations

Do all rainforest regions of Latin America have malaria?  Which regions of rainforest can be visited that don’t have malaria?  These questions are particularly relevant to: pregnant women (can’t take malaria pills, except apparently mefloquine, which may or may not be effective in any one malaria region);  people travelling with infants or very young children (if you’re […]

Best Ways to Prevent Mosquitoes Biting

Here’s some advice about the best ways to prevent mosquitoes biting you.  Some of the ideas I’m sure might surprise you.  I live in the mosquito infested tropics, but by following these guidelines I rarely get bitten.

Avoiding High Altitude Sickness

Much of the Andes are very high in altitude, and if you’ve not acclimatized, it’s likely that you will be affected by altitude sickness. Here follows some tips on how to avoid high altitude sickness, as well as advice on treatment and remedies.

Malaria Zones - Where?

Go to your doctor, and tell him/her that your going to Latin America, and they’ll almost certainly tell you you “must” take malaria pills, which are very expensive. Very often, indeed for most holiday makers to Latin America, you don’t need malaria pills. A small percentage of people can have some extremely averse reactions to […]