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Whale Watching Trips

Anyone that has seen a whale in it’s natural environment knows that it is one of the most amazing travel experiences possible. South America has a huge coastline, and lots of whale watching potential. If one is in the right place at the right time, you’re almost guaranteed to see whales. Whale watching […]

Beach & Culture Vacation Combinations

Beaches and culture are two of the principal reasons people choose to take a vacation in South America. A combination of beaches and culture generally has all the makings of a perfectly balanced vacation. They’re particularly suitable for family vacations. A very common question is: “I have two weeks in South America. […]

Mexico´s Day of the Dead

Today, 2 November, sees the celebration of the Day of the Dead festival. Mexico is best known for this festival, though it also is celebrated elsewhere in Latin America. It´s an interesting blend of traditional indigenous beliefs, with a few catholic influences thrown in. Where´s best to celebrate the Day of the […]

Most Magical Aztec, Inca and Mayan Ruins

South and Central America have some fantastic Aztec, Inca and Mayan ruins. One really can feel the history when exploring these ruins. Generally speaking, these ancient cultures peaked before the Spanish conquistadores arrived. The meanings of many of the remnants of these ancient ruins remain a mystery. Where is the most magical?

Great Railway Journeys of South America

For many, travelling by train when on holiday is a romantic, relaxing experience completely different from the hectic trains and tubes of the “Western” world. South America has a fair share of very memorable train journeys, appealing to train buffs in addition to regular travellers. Some of the scenery is truely spectacular.