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Dealing with Panama City’s Taxi Drivers

Taxis in Panama City.  What a nightmare!  I’ve was living in Colombia for years, where I thought the taxis were awful, mainly because of their awful driving.  But they are awful in a whole different sense in Panama, to where I recently moved.  Here are some tips for dealing with, and understanding how taxis operate, […]

Boca Chica, Chiriqui Gulf, Panama

In Western Panama, about one hours drive from the highland Boquete, lies the region known as the Golfo de Chiriqui, a National Park and group of islands on the Pacific Coast of Panama.  This rarely visited paradise consists of wild, dramatic, jungle clad islands jumping out of Panama’s Pacific coast………

Boquete in Panama - The ideal place to retire?

The first thing everyone will tell you about Boquete is that it is ranked as one of the top places in the world to retire.  Having recently visited the highland town, I’m really not quite sure why.  Here I’ll explain…

Less than a week in Panama?

My sister’s visiting Panama for 6 nights, and looking for some advice she asked me.  I wrote her an email, then realized it was possibly rather useful to other people planning a short trip to Panama, so here it is….

Best Beaches & Islands To Get Away From It All

Following on from recent my recent post about the best beach party destinations, here’s some travel advice about the exact opposite type of beaches. What are the best beach destinations in Latin America to get away from it all, and feel very special at the same time? These amazingly beautiful beaches are almost completely empty […]

Travelling by Train

Train travel is often a mode of travel ignored by visitors to Latin America, who normally get about by bus or plane.  This is a shame - there’s plenty of useful train routes, and it’s often a comfortable and exciting way to travel overland.  Plus, you don’t have to put your life in the hands […]

Prison Islands & Prison Tours

It’s always a pretty raw, fascinating experience to witness places were people have been or are locked up in prison. I guess I’m getting into the promotion of “dark tourism” here, but there really are some amazing prison tours that can be taken in Central and South America - and a lot of travellers really […]

5 Best Latin American Road Trips

Everyone will have their own opinions about the best places for a road trip in Latin America.  Here’s some personal suggestions of mine, and some tips about organizing it all. Plus some suggestions of places you definately don’t want to take a road trip, advice on fiding the best car hire deals, and tips if […]

Best Surfing Destinations

This is a guide to the best surfing destinations in Central and South America, covering Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil and Chile.

Choosing a Caribbean Island to combine with a Latin America Vacation

Having just added to the Caribbean section of the main travel guide, I’ll now include an article advising how to sensibly go about choosing a Caribbean island to combine with a vacation to Central or South American destination.