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Panama Road Trip - Pacific Beaches near Panama City

The final post about our recent Panama road trip - details on our stay on Panama’s Pacific Coast jut outside of Panama City.

Panama Road Trip - Santa Catalina & Coiba Island

Details of our recent trip to Santa Catalina (great for surfing) and Coiba Island (amazing beaches and underwater wildlife).

Panama Road Trip - Azuero Peninsula

A continuation of the post on our recent Panama road trip - details of the amazing beaches on the Azuero Peninsula.

Panama Road Trip - Pearl Islands & El Valle

With one free flight courtesy of Continental’s Onepass frequent flyer programme, my girlfriend and I flew to Panama and picked up a hire car to scope out some beaches for a couple of weeks.

Perla Real Inn, Contadora, Pearl Islands, Panama

We visited the Perla Real Inn, an upmarket bed and breakfast hotel on Contadora Island in Panama, some 15 minute walk from the airport that is served by both Air Panama and Aeroperlas.

Panama Road Trip Planning

Yes I’m planning another trip - to Panama this time…..

Best Rainforest Tours

South America´s rainforest is, for many, a real vacation highlight. Most people associate South America´s rainforest with Brazil´s tropical Amazon rainforest, which is the largest expanse of rainforest in the continent. However, excellent rainforest tours are also possible in a range of other Latin American countries including Ecuador, Peru, Guyana, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica […]

Most Beautiful Islands

Islands are perfect for a romantic, get away from it all type vacation. On the whole, South America’s islands are a far cry away from the crowded resorts of the Mediterranean and Caribbean proper. Many are very undeveloped, and great for Robinson Crusoe like relaxing vacations.