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Oktoberfest in Lima, Peru

Bavaria’s archetypal festival of Oktoberfest gets a Peruvian twist as this guide, guest written by Peru travel expert Simon Ross-Gill, explains.

10 Best Beaches for People Watching & Partying

Reading your book with your sunglasses on, or are you really scoping/admiring the people frolicking in the sea in front of you? I suspect we’ve all done this at some stage. So where are the best beaches in South America for people watching? Where do all the trendy, beautiful Latin locals spend there beach holidays?  […]

Amazing Carnivals You’ve Never Heard About

While Rio de Janeiro is preparing for it’s world famous carnival and the tourist hordes that come with it, I thought I’d shed some light on alternative carnivals in South America - one’s you’ve probably never even heard of.

New Years Eve - Photos & Where to Spend it

What is New Years Eve like in Latin America? Here’s some advice about where to head for the best New Years Eve parties and a range of photos.

Great Films to Inspire Travel to Latin America

Here’s a selection of some great films about travelling in, or life in, a variety of Latin American countries. Great to watch just before you travel!

Best & Worst Latin American Beers (& Their Adverts!)

What are the finest Latin American beers? Now by no means have I sampled all Latin American beers, but I’d reckon I’ve tried most of them. These are my favourites, and notes on which ones to avoid, as well as some of the finest Latin beer adverts (& girls).

How to Pick Up Latin Women

A lot of men visit Latin America in part because the women there are beautiful and they want to meet them, so here’s some advice for you guys looking to pick up Latin women. If you find this article offensive or distasteful - tough luck! I’m sure most men will find it both interesting […]

Photos of Latin Life 100 Years Ago

Times have changed, but this selection of very, very old photos and pictures demonstrate what life was like for the real pioneering tourists and settlers in Latin America.

Top 5 Legendary Nightclubs

Which are the greatest, most legendary and widely respected / talked about nightclubs in South America?

Why the Latin People are Half of the Attraction

The friendly people of Latin America are part of the regions unique charm, as these diverse photos demonstrate.