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George W Bush’s Most Ridiculous Quotes About Latin America

I’m straying away from the travel tips theme a little, but hey, these quotes are funny.

5 Best Spring Break Destinations

Spring break invariably sees huge numbers of young North Americans looking for a good value sun, sea and err, nightlife vacation. So where are the best spring break destinations in Latin America? Where’s the best nightlife? Almost all the best destinations are found in Mexico, including Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Cabo San Lucas, Acapulco […]

Miss World - Latin Candidates

Here’s a selection of some Miss World photos - and some of the finest Latin American candidates that have been seen over the years.

Shamanism & Hallucinogenic Tours: Peru

Shamanistic rituals and the use of hallucinogenic plants have for centuries been a traditional practice in South America.  Hallucinogenic drugs were being administered by South American shamans long before the Western drug craze that has developed since the 1960’s.  Here I’ll take a look at some traditional shamanic practices and associated tourism potential.

Brazil: 2008 Rio Carnival

Saturday 2 February 2008 and it’s the start of the infamous carnival in Brazil. Over half a million tourists are visiting to experience Brazil’s carnival, and the biggest party is at Rio de Janeiro. The Rio Carnival is a four day non-stop marathon party where no act is unheard of. It’s the worlds biggest […]

Nightlife & Partying (with Locals)

Part of South America’s charm is it’s beautiful local people. The continent has some great nightlife - where’s best for partying with the locals?

Chavez & The Problems With Venezuela

Hugo Chavez´s increasingly provocative and offensive outbursts are surely damaging Venezuela´s tourism industry. Other than having an idiotic leader, Venezuela has various issues that it needs to address if it wants to seriously start attracting tourists.

Climate Change & Travel Implications

The fact that Earth is increasing in temperature is undisputed. The vast majority of scientists attribute a large part of the blame on manmade activities, though a few sceptics still remain, clinging on to their outdated ideas. Even President Bush has acknowledged that man is contributing towards global warming. Climate change has had significant impact upon lifestyles in […]

Trendy Resorts: Where Celebrities Holiday

Where do the rich, famous, wannabee famous and celebrities visit in Latin america? On the whole, celebrities are an invariably fickle bunch. It´s not culture that they seek, but rather beaches, nightlife, glamourous photo opportunities and the ability to say “I was in X trendy place last weekend” when they get interviewed […]

Carnival Guide: Brazil Best?

February´s carnival in South America is, essentially, a huge street party. Brazil has South America´s most famous carnival, however carnival is celebrated all over South America. Each country offers a different take on carnival celebrations.