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Best Whitewater Rafting & Kayaking

With the Andes running the entire length of South America, the continent isn’t short of rafting and kayaking destinations. Here I’ll pick a few of the best locations out.

Shamanism & Hallucinogenic Tours: Peru

Shamanistic rituals and the use of hallucinogenic plants have for centuries been a traditional practice in South America.  Hallucinogenic drugs were being administered by South American shamans long before the Western drug craze that has developed since the 1960’s.  Here I’ll take a look at some traditional shamanic practices and associated tourism potential.

Where to Study Spanish

Where is best to study Spanish in Latin America? Why study Spanish in Latin America? Here’s a few tips for selecting a country and a Spanish school.

Mountain Biking Ideas

With such a varied terrain encompassing volcanoes, lakes and rainforest, South America has some fantastic mountain biking trails. The best opportunities are found in the Andes - there’s fine biking in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Patagonia. Here’s a few ideas for mountain biking tours in South America.

Best Birdwatching Destinations

A plethora of South American countries claim to be the best destinations for birdwatching. Undoubtedly, South America does offer some of the worlds best birdwatching, but with so many countries claiming to have “the most species” or the “highest biodiversity per square km” that it all gets confusing! There’s almost 3000 bird species registered […]

Best Rainforest Tours

South America´s rainforest is, for many, a real vacation highlight. Most people associate South America´s rainforest with Brazil´s tropical Amazon rainforest, which is the largest expanse of rainforest in the continent. However, excellent rainforest tours are also possible in a range of other Latin American countries including Ecuador, Peru, Guyana, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica […]

Peru Adventure Tours

This post has been guest written by Peru Adventure Tours, and offers various suggested itineraries for trekking, mountain biking, sandboarding and mountain climbing tours in Peru….

Great Railway Journeys of South America

For many, travelling by train when on holiday is a romantic, relaxing experience completely different from the hectic trains and tubes of the “Western” world. South America has a fair share of very memorable train journeys, appealing to train buffs in addition to regular travellers. Some of the scenery is truely spectacular.

When You Want a Beach Vacation, But There Are No Beaches Nearby

Further to my previous post, the best beaches in South America, certain countries in South America don´t have any decent beaches. When I worked as a Latin America specialist travel consultant, I was often asked advice on where was logical to visit for a beach wind down in conjunction with vacations to countries such as […]

Best Trekking in Latin America

Trekking Holidays in Latin America - where is best? Where’s the most dramatic scenery for trekking? What are the most memorable treks?