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Dealing with Panama City’s Taxi Drivers

Taxis in Panama City.  What a nightmare!  I’ve was living in Colombia for years, where I thought the taxis were awful, mainly because of their awful driving.  But they are awful in a whole different sense in Panama, to where I recently moved.  Here are some tips for dealing with, and understanding how taxis operate, […]

Reasons Why Iberia are the most Complained about Airline operating to Latin America

Just back from dropping my wife off at Heathrow for an Iberia flight and as so often seems to happen with THAT DREADED AIRLINE, I am steaming with fury.  Why is it that Iberia are quite possibly the most complained about / awful airline operating to Latin America?

South America in 2020

I’ve writers bloc so thought instead I’d write a post about how I envisage the region to be travel and destination wise in 2020.   We’ll see if any of these come true.

Great Films to Inspire Travel to Latin America

Here’s a selection of some great films about travelling in, or life in, a variety of Latin American countries. Great to watch just before you travel!

5 Suggestions For Mad Modern Day Adventurers

All these five suggested trips are, to varying degrees, totally mad. However, they are all perfectly possible to arrange for wannabe modern day explorers / adventurers.

Kidnapping Statistics - Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador & Venezuela More Prone than Colombia

Kidnapping statistics show that you’re more likely to be kidnapped in Mexico, Ecuador or Venezuela than in Colombia. Read this article, get over the fear and paranoia, then visit Colombia!

Tourism Trends & Visitor Numbers

Every wondered where everyone is visiting in Latin America?

George W Bush’s Most Ridiculous Quotes About Latin America

I’m straying away from the travel tips theme a little, but hey, these quotes are funny.

Chavez & The Problems With Venezuela

Hugo Chavez´s increasingly provocative and offensive outbursts are surely damaging Venezuela´s tourism industry. Other than having an idiotic leader, Venezuela has various issues that it needs to address if it wants to seriously start attracting tourists.