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Community Ecotourism Project Development Guidelines

This is an extensive post advising how a rural community can undertake to develop a community ecotourism project from scratch, without any funding. I address issues such as the motivation of the local community, the pre-planning of a project, the development and marketing of a community ecotourism project and how Google Adsense can be used […]

Ideas for Luxury Cruises

Think of South America, and taking a cruise rarely springs to mind. Taking a cruise is often considered a “tacky” or artificial way to travel in which the experience is shared with a bunch of equally artificial snobs, but not all cruises in South America are as such. Sometimes, it’s the best (or only) […]

Climate Change & Travel Implications

The fact that Earth is increasing in temperature is undisputed. The vast majority of scientists attribute a large part of the blame on manmade activities, though a few sceptics still remain, clinging on to their outdated ideas. Even President Bush has acknowledged that man is contributing towards global warming. Climate change has had significant impact upon lifestyles in […]

Choosing a Gap Year / Volunteer Abroad Organisation

I took a Trekforce gap year abroad (a year out between college and university) myself, and it was one of the best ideas I ever had. It was also one of the best experiences I ever had. That almost 10 years ago, and it seemed much easier to select a gap year organisation […]