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10 Ways to avoid Crime & Scams

It’s easy to be overly paranoid about crime and scam artists when visiting Latin America. Here’s some tips to make your trip a little bit safer.

How safe for a solo female traveller?

One of the most commonly asked questions I see posted on travel forums is along the lines of “How safe is it for a solo female traveller to visit X?”  Here I’ll try to comprehensively answer that question, as well as offering some safety tips for solo travellers and advising on the few regions that […]

UK FCO belatedly updates it’s advice on travel to Colombia

About three years later than it should have done, and after much lobbying by the Colombian Government, the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has finally updated it’s travel advisory with regards to visitors to Colombia.

Tips for Travelling Safely in Latin America

You’re right to be cautious at times when visiting Latin America, but so many people are way too paranoid. “Is it safe to travel to South America?” is a question asked all too often - yes it is safe, but here’s some genuinely different tips to make travelling to Central & South America that […]

Kidnapping Statistics - Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador & Venezuela More Prone than Colombia

Kidnapping statistics show that you’re more likely to be kidnapped in Mexico, Ecuador or Venezuela than in Colombia. Read this article, get over the fear and paranoia, then visit Colombia!

Safety Records of Domestic Airlines

Yesterday a Santa Barbara Airlines domestic flight crashed en route from Merida to Caracas in Venezuela. It spurred me to do a little investigation into airline safety records of South American carriers. Here’s what I discovered.

Colombia Safety: Kidnapping rates higher in Venezuela

I read an interesting article today about kidnapping rates in Colombia, which continue to fall. Up until this moment in 2007, in Colombia there have been 393 (mostly political) kidnappings while in Venezuela there have been 309 so far this year.