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Best Whitewater Rafting & Kayaking

With the Andes running the entire length of South America, the continent isn’t short of rafting and kayaking destinations. Here I’ll pick a few of the best locations out.

Football: Fans, Tickets & Where to Watch It

South Americans are passionate about their football - a lot more passionate than Europeans I believe. Working as a travel consultant, a lot of clients have asked me to book football tickets for them, or asked where was best to watch a footie match in a particular country. Here’s some advice on football in South […]

Where to Study Spanish

Where is best to study Spanish in Latin America? Why study Spanish in Latin America? Here’s a few tips for selecting a country and a Spanish school.

Mountain Biking Ideas

With such a varied terrain encompassing volcanoes, lakes and rainforest, South America has some fantastic mountain biking trails. The best opportunities are found in the Andes - there’s fine biking in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Patagonia. Here’s a few ideas for mountain biking tours in South America.

Best Luxury Family Vacation Ideas

Bored of culture-less package beach vacations to the Caribbean, Spain and a host of other countries, as travelling evolves, families are increasingly looking for more adventurous, interesting fun-filled holidays. South America has numerous destinations perfect for family vacations - here’s some of the best ideas…..

Best Birdwatching Destinations

A plethora of South American countries claim to be the best destinations for birdwatching. Undoubtedly, South America does offer some of the worlds best birdwatching, but with so many countries claiming to have “the most species” or the “highest biodiversity per square km” that it all gets confusing! There’s almost 3000 bird species registered […]

Skiing Vacations Guide

Skiing is not a vacation type that one normally associates with South America, but there are in fact many excellent skiing and snowboarding opportunities, the best being in Argentina and Chile. South America’s ski season lasts during the winter months of mid-June to October - here’s a short skiing guide for those planning a ski vacation to […]

Ideas for Luxury Cruises

Think of South America, and taking a cruise rarely springs to mind. Taking a cruise is often considered a “tacky” or artificial way to travel in which the experience is shared with a bunch of equally artificial snobs, but not all cruises in South America are as such. Sometimes, it’s the best (or only) […]

Fishing Vacations

Central and South america offer great potential for fishing vacations. Much of the continent is especially remote and undisturbed, and as such rivers and lakes are often teeming with fish. There´s plenty of options for deep sea fishing in addition to freshwater river and lake fishing.

Best Scuba Diving Vacations

Scuba diving is a relatively expensive but highly rewarding vacation activity. Central and South America have some of the best scuba diving opportunities in the world, including the second largest barrier reef in the world in Belize, and scuba diving vacations with fearless wildlife in the Galapagos Islands, to name a couple of options…..