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Buzzing Salvador, Brazil

Salvador is the cultural heart of Brazil - so should you visit? How safe is it? Where should you stay? Here’ some travel tips.

The Over-rated Morro de Sao Paulo, Brazil

One of Bahia’s, indeed Brazil’s, top travel destinations, the island of Morro de Sao Paulo usually conjures up images of a laid back holiday destination with coconut palmed beaches and a buzzing nightlife scene for those that seek it. Sounds amazing eh…Well it’s not. After spending three weeks exploring North Brazil’s beaches, both my girlfriend […]

Amazing Trekking in the Chapada Diamantina, Brazil

The Chapada Diamantina is one of Brazil’s (indeed South America’s) top hiking and outdoor activities destinations. The 1500 square mile National Park is a beautiful region comprising of Lost World style table top mountains, gorges, waterfalls, huge caves and crystalline lakes and bathing pools. Lencois is the main access point to the Chapada Diamantina, and […]

Praia Do Forte & Beaches North of Salvador, Brazil

Praia do Forte is Bahia’s premier beach vacation destination - however there’s plenty of great alternatives a little further North along the coastline from Salvador.

The Island of Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Said by most Brazilians to have Brazil’s most beautiful beaches, Fernando de Noronha is an odd, undeveloped island, and probably not what you’d expect. Here’s some extensive travel tips. 

Pipa & Tibau do Sul, Brazil

Brazil’s coastline North of Natal is pretty, and sparsely developed tourism wise, while the coastline to the South is even more beautiful, and more geared towards tourism - in a good way. There are various destinations to choose from, two of the most popular include Pipa and Tibau do Sul - which suits you […]

The coast North of Natal, Brazil

Travel guide to the coast North of Natal in Brazil: advice on Muriu, Maracajau, Genipabu and other lovely beach destinations nearby. 

Brazils Costa Branca

Travel advice on the beautiful beaches of the remote Costa Branca, a real highlight on Brazil’s Northern coast between Fortaleza and Natal. 

Morro Branco & Praia das Fontes, Brazil

Travel guide and tips on Morro Branco and Praia das Fontes beach resorts in North Brazil - is it worth a visit? Or a stop off? 

Jericoacoara, Brazil: Boutique Pousadas

Practical travel advice on visiting Jericoacoara, one of Brazil’s most unique beach destinations. Where to stay, what to do, and how to travel there.