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Note - the following 23 posts (until the break) are based on extensive trip reports from 2008.

Tours & things to do Gringo trailing in La Paz, Bolivia
Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia) Travel Guide
Tupiza (Bolivia) Trip Report & Travel Advice
Iruya (Argentina) Trip Report & Advice
Purmamarca, Tilcara & Humahuaca Trip Report & Advice
Cachi & Argentinian Wine Tours
Salta, Travel Agencies & How to explore North Argentina
Buenos Aires Hotel Review - BA Soho Rooms
How to Choose a Hotel District in Buenos Aires
Fernado de Noronha (Brazil) Hotel Review - Pousada del Mares
Brazil Travel Tips
Salvador (Brazil) - Travel Guide
Morro de Sao Paulo Travel Tips
Trekking & Visiting Brazil's Chapada Diamantina National Park
Praia do Forte & the Beach Resorts North of Salvador - Travel Advice
Fernando de Noronha - Extensive Guide
Pipa & Tibau do Sol Trip Report
Natal and the Coast Northwards
Brazil's Costa Branca
Morro Branco & Praia das Fontes
Boutique Pousadas of Jericoacoara
Mundau & Flexeiras
On Holiday - My Trip Plans
More holiday plans - the South America travel itinerary

How to choose a Galapagos Islands Cruise
How to Develop a Community Ecotourism Project with no Funding
Where are the Malaria Zones in Central & South America
Why to Avoid the Lonely Planet Guidebooks
Argentinian Empanada Recipes
Best Spas & Yoga Retreats
Pacific Coast Beach Resorts near Panama City
Santa Catalina & the Amazing Isla Coiba
Azuero Peninsula Road Trip
Pearl Islands & El Valle, Panama
Pearl Islands Hotel Review - Perla Real Inn
Past Latin Candidates for Miss World Competition - Photos
Best Rafting & Kayaking Destinations
All about Football
Personal Planning of a Panama Road Trip
Shamanism & Ayahuasca
Domestic (National) Airlines & the Safety Records
Spanish Schools & Where to Study Spanish in Latin America
Colombia or Venezuela - a comparitative travel contest
How to Find and Book the Cheapest Flights to South America
Discount Travel Tips for Budget Travellers & Backpackers
Top Mountain Biking Destinations
Best Luxurious Family Vacation Destinations
2008 Rio Carnival Photos
Luxury Hotels in Patagonia
Tam Brazil Airpasses - Booking Advice
Best Places for Birdwatching
How to Blag a Business Class Upgrade
Where to Find the Best Nightlife
Best places for skiing vacations in South America
The Most Beautiful Scenery & Trekking Environments
Advice on Luxury Cruises
Gone away to Colombia
Chavez is a Complete Idiot
Climate Change Influences Tourism
Trendy Resorts Where the Celebrities go on Holiday
Fishing Vacations Advice
Best Rainforest & Jungle Tour Destinations
Best Scuba Diving
Ecotourism & Sustainability Article
How to Manipulate the Amadeus CRS to book cheap flights - for travel agents only
Carnivals of South America
The Most Beautiful Islands
About Driving Across Brazil's Amazon
Adventure Tours to Peru
Best Whale Watching Tours & Destinations
Beach & Culture Vacation Combination Suggestions
Colombia Safer than Venezuela These Days
Day of the Dead Celebrations in Mexico
The Most Amazing Ancient Ruins
The Greatest Railway Trips
Best Wildlife Holidays
South American Airpasses & Internal Flights - Extensive Guide
Where to go find beaches when you're on the wrong side of the continent
The Best Beaches
About Volunteer Work
Where to find the hottest girls
Best Trekking
Onepass Frequent Flyer Review & Advice
Amazing Tricks for Booking Domestic Flights in Argentina
Why the cheapest flights are often booked with a travel agent
Tips about booking Tailor-made holidays to South America
Best Hotels
Why Ecotourism is Important
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