South America Map

The political map below shows most of South America, and a small part of Central America. The major countries include (from north to south) Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile. See below the useful map of South America.

South America Map

This South America Map has been selected as it’s more likely so send traffic than a standard boring political map.

Click on the map to enlarge the image - red dots mark Latin America’s hop travel highlights. Where are these highlights? Any opinion is of course subjective, as an expert Latin America travel consultant, these are mine, North to South according to the map above:

Honduras - Roatan island (diving & beaches).

Nicaragua - the Corn Islands (beaches & relaxing).

Costa Rica - Arenal Volano (active volcanic eruptions) & Tortuguero (wildife, beaches & turtles).

Panama - Bocas del Toro (beaches), Isla Coiba (diving, scenery & beaches), Azuero Peninsula (Panamanian beaches & culture) & San Blas Islands (indigenous groups & beaches). See the South America map….

Colombia - Cartagena (colonial, romantic city), Park Tayrona (beaches could not be more beautiful), Ciudad Perdida (one of the greatest treks), Isla Gorgona (prison island & whale watching - on the map it’s in the Pacific), La Guajira (indigenous tribes & remote beaches), San Agustin (ancient ruins), Leticia (Amazon rainforest) - yes, Colombia has a lot of South America’s travel highlights!

Venezuela - Los Roques Islands (beaches) & Canaima National Park plus Angel Falls (scenery and that famous waterfall).

Guyana - Guyana’s rainforest (South America’s best for rainforest tours).

Ecuador - Amazon region (indigenous tribes and rainforest) & the Galapagos Islands (fearless wildlife).

Peru - Iquitos area (shamanism & Amazon rainforest), Machu Picchu (Inca ruins), Nazca lines (giant sketchings in the desert), Colca Canyon (stunning scenery) & Lake Titicaca (a stunning lake).

Brazil - Tefe (best for rainforest tours), Lencois National Park (100’s of km’s of empty beaches), Jeriocoacoara (chic beach resort), Fernando de Noronha (Brazils most beautiful beaches), Salvador (cultural, colonial & capoeira filled), Morro do Sao Paulo & Ilha Boipeba (beaches), Pantanal (South America’s top wildlife viewing destination), Iberra Wetlands (wildlife) & Florianopolis (Brazil’s most beautiful beaches again, depending upon who you ask).

Boliva - Lake Titicaca (mentioned under Peru) & Uyuni Salt Falts (scenery).

Uruguay - Colonia (colonial UNESCO World Heritage site).

Argentina - Iguassu Falls (waterfalls on the border with Brazil & Paraguay), Salta (scenery and old colonialism), Mendoza (scenery & vineyards), Buenos Aires (chic-ness), Valdes Peninsula (wildlife & landscape), Bariloche (hiking & outdoor activities), El Calafate (glaciers and scenery), Ushuaia (scenery &…) access to Antarctica.

Chile - Atacama Desert, the wine growing region, Easter Island (ancient statues) & Torres del Paine (South America’s best trekking).

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