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A tropical paradise in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii has for many years been the place where dreams are made. There's nineteen islands in total, offering some fantastic volcanic scenery, wonderful beaches and friendly locals. Above all, it's the climate and beaches that attract tourists (often in their droves) to Hawaii. Big Island is the largest of the islands, while Maui is second biggest. Oahu is the most developed, while Molokai is one of the least developed in Hawaii.

Hawaii's beaches, and welcoming locals, are the major attraction..

Visit Hawaii in Style

There's no end of luxury hotel options here. Select your island of choice depending upon how busy you want it to be, then look for a hotel.

If money is no object, Halekulani is almost certainly the best place to stay in Hawaii. Royal Hawaiian and Kahala Hotel & Resort are almost as luxurious - all these hotels are in Oahu. On Big Island you could consider Mauna Lani Bay Hotel while on Maui the royalty invariably head to the Four Seasons Resort.

Getting There

Almost all flights to Hawaii are to the capital Honolulu. Most flights are from the West coast of USA - however it's also possible to catch flights from Australia to Hawaii. From Honolulu, there's direct flights to other islands such as Kahului (on Maui), Lihue (Kauai) and Kona (Big Island).

Hawaii - surfing
Hawaii has some great surfing vacation possibilities. Whether you choose Molokai or Maui, pick your island carefully. Travel Guides & Tips for Vacation Planning - All rights reserved.